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Welcome to the Official Australian Sharpie Sailing Association website!
It seems that once you start sailing these iconic three person dinghies you can't give them up - it doesn't matter what age you are, sailing Sharpies is just so much

Lightweight Sharpie Sailing, Walllaroo, South Australian State Heats, Drone Footage by David McCloud


A message from the Vic Sharpies President

Hi everyone,

As you all know the Victorian Sharpie Sailing Association (VSSA) are proud to say that we are hosting the 74th Sharpie National Championships at Mordialloc from the 29th to the 6th of January. We have a lot of fun events planned, and the club is in a beautiful spot for both on and off the water fun. Just this weekend we had a sprint series with 4 short, sharp races and it was the best sailing conditions I've had in a while, which as a lot of you will know we've been getting around a bit to test out all conditions!

We have had talk of about 45 boats or so coming this year, which will be the biggest fleet we've seen in a while! However, I need a favour from you all, which is to fill in your entries ASAP! Not only will this make it easier for us to organise catering etc. but it will help you avoid the late fee that is incurred if you enter too late! You can find entries here, which also has a section for purchasing tickets to the social events being hosted at the club.

I hope we're all really pumped up for what is going to be a great series, Mordialloc has a heap of experience organising the type of events, and the race management has been bang on target every time I've raced out of there. If you need help with anything from accommodation, through boat organisation, to a ride or a crew, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll do my best to help you out. Let's get around this and show everyone how strong the Sharpie fleet still is!

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to a beer or two with all of you,

Jake Nichols.
'El Presidente'

P.S. Please pass the message on to anyone who needs to know!

74th sharpie nationals poster

Sheethand wanted for the Mordialloc Nationals 2016/17 - Help represent Queensland in the sailing (and the drinking if you like!). Guaranteed a good ride and lotsa fun! Contact Rick Outhred on 0414 410 430 or email for more details.

Download the 74th Sharpie National Championship Notice of Race here
Visit the Mordialloc Sailing Club website to enter now!
The nationals regatta will run from 29 December 2016 to 6 January 2017.

Accommodaton options - find out more

Sponsorship opportunities The Australia Sharpie is the most popular high performance boat in Australia with fleets of up to 70 boats at previous National Championships.....Find out more about sponsoring the 74th National Sharpie Championships here.

Caught in the ACT on Lake Burley Griffin

Irish Frog bearing away big time

Chris Ablett bears Irish Frog away to avoid a Sabre during a YMCASC championship club race. Photo courtesy Bill Kerrigan

HONOR ROLL of Western Australian Life Members After some work, the WA Division committee has compiled an Honour Roll of WA's Life Members, winners of National Championships and State Championships.

The WA Sharpie association has truly got a great history in Western Australia and we wanted to make sure the record book is there for everyone to see.... read more

Australian Sharpies Legends 1936 - 2015 Book

Interest generated by Peter Campbell's article in the "Afloat" magazine has resulted in a large number of inquiries as to the availability of The Australian Sharpie Legends Book. Due to this, the NSW Executive decided to do a final print run - there are now ONLY 4 left.

For your copy, download the Australian Sharpies Legends Book Order Form here.

Recent purchases of the Legends books by Colin "Porky" Newman "Tramp" V124 and the Bertrand Family "Triad" V68 reflect the halcyon days of Victorian Sharpies. "Tramp" was 2nd in Adelaide 1972 and 3rd in Hobart 1974 while "Triad" was 2nd in Hobart 1967, 1st in Melbourne 1968 and 2nd in Port Moresby 1969. With the next series to be held at Mordialloc Sailing Club 2016/17 we'll no doubt see a few of the Victorian Legends in the boat park.

TRAMPThe TRAMP sailing on the Derwent River in Hobart, 1974, photo courtesy Stu Fahey

A slideshow video of the graphics (up to 2016 and including current national champion, Sam McCloud's "Warpig" SA928) can be viewed on the About Sharpies page.

NSW State

Tim Haslegrove and SA Sharpies - Snoady gives five (5) clear reasons why the SA Sharpie Association is backing the production of new sharpies. It's been a long time in the planning, but a new partnership between the SA Association and Tim Haslegrove has put together a package of remarkable quality and plan to build two (2) new sharpies each year.

The boat pictured below (to be registered as No. 932) was just out of the mould and fitted with all the difficult to fit fittings, under the case, side stay and lower pulleys, front tank turning blocks, etc. when bought by Jason Heritage. The next is on its way and can be bought as a fully rigged sharpie with Dolly and Trailer, or there are options for various stages of completion.... read more

Sharpie 932

Interested parties can contact SA President Snoady on mobile 0403 303 303

Lightweight Sharpies heading for England
Two Australian Lightweight Sharpies have headed to England. The English sail 12 square metre sharpies and two boats from Hobart, Tasmania have gone in a 40 foot container to Norwich England as a trial. The club they are going to sail 12 square metre sharpies, as used in the Melbourne Olympics... read more

Warpig takes out the 73rd Sharpie National Championships, with Sam McCloud bringing the beast home a decisive 8 points ahead of Tony Turton's Don't Poke the Bear. The PINZ sponsored series had everything from strategy and light winds to raging bullets and bearded ladies, and only 15 points separated the top six boats at the conclusion of the seven (7) race series. Read more about how the veteran claimed his maiden on Down Under Sail


Full results can be found on the Sandy Bay Sailing Club website.

Queensland Sharpies have started planning for the 75th Nationals, with Keppel Bay Sailing Club at Yeppoon the venue for the 2017/2018 titles, following the clear preference nominated in their recent national survey. ... read more

Sails, boats 'n' bits - check out the Boats for Sale and Sails4sale sections.

Want to build a sharpie? Hints, dimensions and other fascinating tidbits from masters Al Tidy, Barry Johnston, Frank Haselgrove and Kevin Wilson are now available.

National Measurer - bought a Sharpie recently? Built yourself a new one? Get your details to Rob Turton, National Measurer, and he will send you out a Registration Certificate.

New to Sharpie sailing? Check out the Sharpies for Dummies guide - or read up on Performance Tips from past national champions.


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