Specifications and Technical Restrictions, Revised January 2014


All drawings are to be read in conjunction with By-Laws Part B as they take precedence over the Plans, Measurement Forms and the Class Drawings. Any interpretation shall be made by the Australian Sharpie Sailing Association.


Hints, dimensions and other fascinating tidbits from masters Al Tidy, Barry Johnston and Kevin Wilson are now available. These drawings will open as PDF’s but may require rotation to view.

Barry Johnston’s Original 1964 Lightweight Sharpie Drawings

BJ Drawing 1 – Sail Plan, Spars, Rudder and Centre Board
BJ Drawing 2 – Hull
BJ Drawing 3 – Hull Sections
BJ Drawing 4 – Lightweight Sharpie suggested building frame

Frank Haselgrove’s 1974 Original Sharpie Drawings

FH Drawing 1 – Sheets 1 to 4 including Hull, Sail Plan, Centreboard, Rudder and Mast Sections.

Al Tidy’s Lightweight Sharpie Plans 

AT Drawing 1 – Hull
AT Drawing 2 – Bow profile, Centreboard, Sail Plan and Mast Fittings.

Kevin Wilson Originals 1976 Lightweight Sharpie Drawings

KW Drawing 1 – Building Hints for timber construction, showing hull and various detail, including typical jib fairlead, chainplate and sidestay anchorage, transom detail, suggested minimum plywood thicknesses etc.

Interested in the Sharpie Constitution

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