The Nationals will head back to the Mordialloc Sailing Club in Melbourne, let’s see who’s racing.

*Please note: entries on this page are updated manually, it may take a few days for your entry to display.

Total Entries: 45 boats

State Sail number Boat name Skipper Name Club
VIC 829 Bowling for Burgers Marc Ablett Mordialloc Sailing Club
SA 942 Sassy Foods Alex Blacker Adelaide Sailing Club
TAS 859 Bonfires Oliver Burnell Derwent Sailing Squadron
TAS 917 Flying Fish Heads Vera Kratz Derwent Sailing Squadron
VIC 848 Beer and Pizza Frank Siebken Mordialloc Sailing Club
TAS 760 Ghostbusters Robert Knoop Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania
NSW 822 Every Frog Has His Day Chris Ablett YMCA Sailing Club
VIC 938 Comfortably Numb Rod Allen Mordialloc Sailing Club
QLD 769 Dry Reaching Conrad Byrt Keppel Bay Sailing Club
VIC 775 Morning Glory Matthew Morris Mordialloc Sailing Club
NSW 898 Truck Riley Curry Port Kembla Sailing Club
VIC 840 FIGJAM RACING Eliza Dalton Mordialloc Sailing Club
VIC 882 Sticky Moments Marcus De Fina Sandringham Yacht Club
SA 787 Speed Hump Angus Higgins Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club
VIC 887 The Fat Controller Grant Nichols Mordialloc Sailing Club
SA 921 Dying in the Saddle Finlay Crisp Adelaide Sailing Club
SA 941 Pro Circuit Anthony Mitton Adelaide Sailing Club
SA 930 Focus Mal Higgins Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club
QLD 868 Polar Bear Express Shelby Newton Keppel Bay Sailing Club
VIC 870 Long Black Peter Coburn Ballarat
NSW 811 Family Fued Robin Forster YMCA Sailing Club
SA 925 Under The Radar Tony Turton B&SYC
VIC 944 5 Cougars Thanks Guy Bancroft McRae Yacht Club
NSW 945 Shootin Blanks Noah Taylor Canberra Yacht Club
QLD 844 Spent David Mann Keppel Bay Sailing Club
SA 932 Maelstrom Jason Heritage Adelaide Sailing Club
QLD 852 Sting Bruce Rankine Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club
WA 936 Atomic Blonde Ash Gabrielson Mounts Bay Sailing Club
VIC 755 G&T Don Allen Warrnambool YC
QLD 924 Storm Dog Damian Byrt Keppel Bay Sailing Club
NSW 883 Smoke Michael Forster YMCASC
VIC 745 Ostentatious Ian Cunningham McRae Yacht Club
VIC 878 Rage Factor Peter Stuchbury Ballarat Yacht Club
SA 935 Slave Girl John Weigand Adelaide Sailing Club
NSW 949 Blowflies Sam Cronin Port Kembla Sailing Club
NSW 950 Old Man Emu Todd Curry Port Kembla Sailing Club
SA 947 Floki Chris Went Adelaide Sailing Club
WA 788 The Lizard Peter Chappell Mounts Bay Sailing Club
VIC 789 TBA Will Morris Squamish Yacht Club
VIC 827 Storm Neil Kafer Mordialloc Sailing Club
WA 891 Vicious Graham Keys Mounts Bay Sailing Club
SA 928 Warpig Rob Turton B&SYC
VIC 813 Elevation Dean Addison Chelsea Yacht Club
QLD 903 Silent Butt Deadly Rick Outhred Darling Point Sailing Squadron
NSW 876 Pleasure & Pain Derek Milligan Port Kembla Sailing Club