Nick Smart, George Scott and Max Gluskie have all recently come from racing within the International Laser Class circuit at a state, national and world level. At the end of the 2019 Laser season, the three 19-year-old best mates got together after racing one day at the nationals in Melbourne and decided it was time for a change and reincarnate the ‘Fun’ in their sailing again.

At the time, Oliver Burnell had been giving the boys slight encouragement to enter the Sharpie class in one way or another. The boys saw that they could help relight the flame of the Tasmanian Sharpie class, and simply put it as a ‘no brainer’ to get involved and purchase a boat. Oli became the Sharpie broker for the boys while they battled away in the Laser in Melbourne.

By the end of the Laser nationals in Melbourne, Oli had found the boys a boat. A Fast red one in fact! T825 named ‘Two Roos and a Blue’ owned by Honda, Burny and Waz, three legends in the Tasmanian Sailing Community. George, Nick and Max thought it was a golden opportunity!

Max and George travelled home after their stint of racing and inspected the boat immediately. The boys loved the look of the boat and immediately te-eed up a deal involving some cash a few cases of beer with Honda, Burny and Waz.

The boat was purchased while Nick was still racing in Melbourne at the World Championships. Max and George took over the boat and relocated it back to the home of the ‘Sharpie Sheds’ at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.

Once the boys had hold of the boat a name change was urgent. ‘Two Roo’s and a Blue’ just didn’t suit the boys as they were a ‘Tiger, Dog and a Hawk’.

The name ‘Geeveston Fanny’ came up in conversation with the present Sharpie broker. At first it was a bit hit and miss although worked so well with the boat being red in colour. George struggled to come to the terms with the name due to his own residence and the implications that came with it. The name took a few weeks to gain traction but once it did it was locked in and there was no going back.

For context George’s family resides and owns one of Tasmania’s finest apple farms called Scott Bros, located in Cairns Bay, just outside of Geeveston. His family have grown the beautiful apple called the ‘Geeveston Fanny’ for many generations. You can buy their Fanny apples and other potentially more delicious apples from any Salamanca Fresh store.

T825 The Geeveston Fanny has gained traction throughout the fleet and is starting to prove to be a hot contender on race day. The boys have loved every minute in the ‘Fanny’ as well as the social side of the Tasmanian Sharpie Class. It has been ‘the best purchase they have ever made’ and cannot wait to continue building the class both on and off the water.